Fruit market claws back some recent losses.

Agbiz Morning Market Viewpoint on Agri-Commodities: 26 July 2017.
July 26, 2017
Zimbabwe landbouleier waarsku SA boere.
July 27, 2017

Fruit market claws back some recent losses.

Highlights in today’s morning note

RSA fruit: Yesterday the fruit market managed to claw back some of its recent losses with support coming from strong buying interest. The price of apples was up by 9% from the previous day, closing at R6.91 per kilogramme. The bananas and oranges prices were, respectively, up by 0.14% and 11% from the previous day, closing at R7.01 per kilogramme and R3.09 per kilogramme. 

Maize: The National Crop Estimate Committee (CEC) revised its maize production estimates up by 2% from the previous month to 15.97 million tonnes. This is above the market expectations of 15.80 million tonnes and doubles the previous season’s production of 7.78 million tonnes.

Wheat: The CEC’s preliminary wheat planting data shows that farmers reduced the area planted in 2017 by 2% from the previous season to 498 850 hectares. This decline in the area was due to some farmers switching to barley and canola owing to profitability reasons.  

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Soybeans: In its sixth production estimate, the CEC maintained its soybean production estimate unchanged from last month at 1.34 million tonnes. This is 81% higher than the previous season and the biggest crop on record. 

Sunflower seed: The CEC left its production estimate unchanged from the previous month at 821 970 tonnes. This is 9% higher than the previous season due to expected higher yields. The harvest process is virtually over with above average yields reported in many areas of the country. This supports the CEC’s view of a relatively large crop this season. 

RSA Potatoes: The South African potatoes market lost ground in yesterday’s trade session and closed in negative territory due to relatively large stocks of 846 765 bags (10kg bags). The price was down by 5% from the previous day, closing at R28.67 per kilogramme.

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