South African Agricultural Commodities Weekly Wrap.

SA agricultural economy showing robust growth.
September 8, 2017
Good performance in SA tractor sales ahead of the planting season.
September 11, 2017

South African Agricultural Commodities Weekly Wrap.

The South African agricultural commodities markets were not very active this week. It seems that markets have dried up of bearish news. The forecasts of a big harvest have largely been priced in.

Overall, the increase in commercial buying led to marginal gains across the grain and oilseed markets this week. This is with the exception of sunflower seed which ended the week in negative territory due to a relatively stronger domestic currency.

The calendar for the week ahead is fairly light with only weekly grain trade and deliveries data due for release.

Apart from this, the fruit and vegetable prices were volatile throughout the week with daily stock levels underpinning the market. The SAFEX beef carcass market remained flat throughout the week due to thinly traded volumes.

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