land reform

Thursday April 19th, 2018

Farmers can be a part of making a land reform project work

There has been a lot of writing on the land reform subject since December 2017 when the ruling party adopted the notion of expropriation without compensation. A number of analysts (ourselves included) warned of the unintended consequences of the aforementioned policy proposal.
Thursday April 26th, 2018

Land reform is a conversation all of SA must have

“Land Reform is a conversation all South Africans must have. CPIs, communities and investors must engage government and policymakers alike,” says Peter Setou of Vumelana Advisory Fund.
Friday May 18th, 2018

Extension of comments on land expropriation welcomed

Major organised agricultural bodies in South Africa have welcomed recent news that the window period for written submissions on the National Assembly’s proposal to amend Section 25 of the Constitution to allow for land expropriation without compensation has been extended.
Wednesday March 20th, 2019

For successful land reform to take place, there must be innovative support — Wandile Sihlobo

There is broad consensus that part of the reason why SA’s land reform programme has fallen short of expectation has been due, to some extent, to a lack of well-timed, co-ordinated and effective measures to support new farmers.
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