Wednesday August 2nd, 2017

Potato market sees additional gains.

Highlights in today’s morning note RSA Potatoes: The South African potatoes market saw additional gains in yesterday’s trade session with […]
Friday August 4th, 2017

Hoofstuk 6 van die NOP se plan vir grondhervorming.

Agri Limpopo neem met dankbaarheid kennis van die artikel in Landbouweekblad van 28 Julie 2017 met die titel “Landbou móét […]
Tuesday January 9th, 2018

Agbiz Morning Market Viewpoint on Agri-Commodities: 08 January 2018

Happy New Year! To everyone who takes a bit of time to read what we write, thank you. Best wishes […]
Wednesday March 28th, 2018

Dry and cool weather conditions over sunflower seed growing areas

(Afrikaans) Dry and cool weather conditions over sunflower seed growing areas
Thursday April 12th, 2018

SA to remain a net importer of soybeans in 2018/19

Our recent interactions with farmers in some soybean growing areas support the National Crop Estimates Committee’s (CEC) view of a possible record crop of 1.39 million tonnes in the 2017/18 production season. The yields expectations vary across the country, mainly ranging from average and above average yield
Tuesday April 17th, 2018

Key wheat importers in sub-Saharan African region

Yesterday we indicated that sub-Saharan Africa’s 2017/18 wheat imports could reach 26 million tonnes, up by 18 percent from the previous season. What we didn’t mention is that the leading wheat importers within the sub-Saharan African region are Nigeria, Sudan, South Africa, Kenya, Ethiopia and Côte d'Ivoire.
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