Promising 2017 citrus season

Agbiz Morning Market Viewpoint on Agri-Commodities: 05 April 2017  
April 5, 2017
Agbiz Morning Market Viewpoint on Agri-Commodities: 06 April 2017
April 6, 2017

Promising 2017 citrus season

Thanks to well-timed, efficient pest control, the Cape Town-based producer and exporter SAFE (South African Fruit Exporters) is looking forward to harvesting around 1.25 million cartons of generally well-sized, blemish-free citrus fruit on its farms in the Western Cape and Limpopo this year.

SAFE’s positive outlook further stems from the fact that it is geared to cater for the overseas markets’ current huge demand for new-season lemons.

It is all systems go now for SAFE’s 2017 citrus season, which comprises lemons, oranges (navels and valencias), soft citrus (mandarins and clementines) and grapefruit. The producer-exporter started picking and packing its first lemons in Limpopo during the second week of March and will continue harvesting as the different varieties ripen.

Recent heavy rains in the Limpopo province have also not damaged or caused losses to SAFE’s citrus crop. “In fact, rain contributes positively to a citrus tree and actually helps to ensure that a proper fruit size is achieved.


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